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Focus on Quality Patient Care, Not Paperwork with PointClickCare

Focus on Quality Patient Care, Not Paperwork with PointClickCare

Posted By Ryan Temple
April 02, 2018 Category: Nurse Call Solutions

Most caregivers would tell you that providing quality care for patients in need is probably the most rewarding aspect of working in the long-term care/senior living industry. However, managing paperwork and other administrative tasks have traditionally been an extremely time-consuming part of the job. The average caregiver spends at least one hour per day doing paperwork, adversely impacting your facility’s bottom line. Further, due to job demands, paperwork is often completed several hours after care is provided, leading to gaps and inaccuracies in patient information. PointClickCare (PCC), the largest EHR in long-term care, addresses this issue by allowing caregivers to easily enter all services at the time of delivery, while also providing a single, comprehensive record for each resident. As a result, your team can continue delivering excellent care, even when you’re short-staffed. PCC Drives Smarter Decisions in Long-Term Care PCC integrates directly with RCare, a provider of a wide array of UL 1069 tested wireless nurse call and personal emergency systems for senior living facilities, enabling patient information to be updated in real-time. For example, if a patient changes rooms or has a special issue, these updates are made easily from a mobile device, RCaremobile, and immediately synced to RCare or any other EHR database - eliminating duplicate data entry and improving the accuracy of patient records. Caregivers have additional confidence know that t

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Posted By Ryan Temple
February 16, 2018 Category: Nurse Call Solutions

The Role of Technology Designed For Senior Living Facilities Today - Securing Senior Living Part #5 During part 4 of this blog series, we discussed access control technology. Not only are advanced access control systems important for giving seniors living in assisted, independent, and nursing homes proper medical assistance, but so are nurse call systems. Importance of Nurse Call Systems Having real time information at the disposal of the staff, this technology is designed to meet the needs and expectations of the residents while reducing response times. Below are two reasons nurse call systems matter most: Improved Employee Capabilities With advanced nurse call systems in place, caregivers of senior living facilities are able to give residents the attention they need, while still allowing the staff to address other more pressing concerns throughout the facility. Internal staff productivity increases with this technology. Improved Patient Experience & Well-Being According to a New York Times Article called Tech for a New Age, innovative technology helps seniors live longer using medicine, public health, and technology. More and more seniors are receiving care in their homes by caregivers and nurses, waiting several years to move into senior living facilities. Whether nurse call systems are being used from the home or from the senior living home, this technology has brought our senior population to the next

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