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Smart Bluetooth Door Locks

By Technology Install Partners
August 06, 2020 Category: Bluetooth Locks

Technology Install Partners offer so many different services and products to help you keep your business and your property safe. The Bluetooth lock is an easy way to keep your things safe, no matter what industry you're in.

Commercial Fire Safety Services

By Technology Install Partners
July 28, 2020 Category: Fire

At Technology Install Partners, we pride ourselves on being the all-in-one solution provider for our customers with all things fire safety-related. We offer the whole package when it comes to your fire safety system, from consulting all the way to maintenance.

Siemens Fire and BDA Systems

By Technology Install Partners
July 21, 2020 Category: Fire Alarms, BDA Services

We offer industry-leading fire and BDA devices from Siemens paired with expert installers in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

Senior Living Safety and Security Systems

By Technology Install Partners
July 15, 2020 Category: Senior Living

When it comes to the safety of your patients and staff, Technology Install Partners is your all-in-one solution. Whether you have a nursing home, memory care facility, or any senior living facility, we can help you by installing and maintaining state-of-the-art safety and security systems.

Security Systems for Multi-Family Buildings

By Technology Install Partners
July 10, 2020 Category: Apartment Services

If you own an apartment complex or any other multi-family living facility, we have many services that can help keep your tenants and property safe.

School Security and Safety Installation Services

By Technology Install Partners
June 30, 2020 Category: School Security

School security is extremely important, not only to the students and faculty but to the parents as well. With one or more of the safety and security services from Technology Install Partners, everyone can rest assured that they are in the best hands and safe at school!

How to Keep Schools and Business Safe in the Era of COVID

By Technology Install Partners
June 23, 2020 Category: COVID Tracing

Technology Install Partners is and has always been the answer for many schools and businesses when it comes to safety. As we all look for answers as to how to return safely to school and work, Technology Install Partners and our partners have been working to provide the solutions.

City-Wide Video Surveillance Installation

By Technology Install Partners
June 16, 2020 Category: Video Surveillance

City-wide video surveillance is an increasingly popular safety and security system that many municipalities are beginning to use. With Technology Install Partners, we make it easy to get started.

BDA Government Mandates

By Technology Install Partners
June 05, 2020 Category: BDA Services

Learn about BDA systems and whether or not your building needs one in 2020.

Does My Building Need a BDA System?

By Technology Install Partners
May 28, 2020 Category: BDA Services

Technology Install Partners is an FCC-certified BDA system installer. Does your building need a BDA system? Depending on your local jurisdiction, it might.

BDA System Installation Services

By Technology Install Partners
May 21, 2020 Category: BDA Services

Technology Install Partners is your go-to solution for all things security and life safety. One of our newest capabilities is providing and installing BDA Systems.

The Integration of Avigilon Video Surveillance

By Technology Install Partners
May 13, 2020 Category: Access Control, Video Surveillance

Technology Install Partners provides a wide variety of options when it comes to premium security and life safety systems for any industry. One of the best systems that we offer in the Avigilon video surveillance security system.

Appearance Search for Video Surveillance Security

By Technology Install Partners
May 06, 2020 Category: Video Surveillance

Avigilon offers so many great features that are time-saving, cost-effective, and really easy to use. This video surveillance platform has seamless security updates and is a browser-based platform that both offer huge benefits to the users. but the biggest advantage of Avigilon is its appearance search options.

Security Camera and Video Surveillance Platform

By Technology install Partners
April 30, 2020 Category: Video Surveillance

Technology Install Partners is your go-to security system installer. We offer a wide variety of solutions to help protect homeowners and businesses improve their security through audio and video surveillance, and so much more.

Avigilon Access Control Installation Services

By Technology Install Partners
April 24, 2020 Category: Access Control

Easily manage your access control system with Avigilon's Access Control Manager.

Security and Life Safety Services for Every Industry

By Technology Install Partners
April 15, 2020 Category: Our Company

Technology Install Partners is your go-to all in one service provider for low voltage security and life safety since 2008. We are located in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, and provide our clients with access to video surveillance, access control, fire/security alarms, fiber, nurse call, and structured cabling.

Focus on Quality Patient Care, Not Paperwork with PointClickCare

By Ryan Temple
April 02, 2018 Category: Nurse Call Solutions

Most caregivers would tell you that providing quality care for patients in need is probably the most rewarding aspect of working in the long-term care/senior living industry. However, managing paperwork and other administrative tasks have traditionally been an extremely time-consuming part of the job. The average caregiver spends at least one hour per day doing paperwork, adversely impacting your facilitys bottom line. Further, due to job demands, paperwork is often completed several hours after care is provided, leading to gaps and inaccuracies in patient information. PointClickCare (PCC), the largest EHR in long-term care, addresses this issue by allowing caregivers to easily enter all services at the time of delivery, while also providing a single, comprehensive record for each resident. As a result, your team can continue delivering excellent care, even when youre short-staffed. PCC Drives Smarter Decisions in Long-Term Care PCC integrates directly with RCare, a provider of a wide

Advanced Video Surveillance Technology - Keeping Us Safe in an Uncertain World

By Ryan Temple
March 04, 2018 Category: Video Surveillance

You only have to turn on the news to realize that we live in challenging times. Technology has never been more advanced, but the world we live in has also become more dangerous. The good news is that new technology is stepping up, offering innovations that make our environments safer and more secure. Advances in fields like video analytics have enabled us to optimize the security of our homes and businesses, even if were across the globe. Smart Systems that Overcome Human Limitations The first step in protecting your interests is knowing what solutions are available. Todays video surveillance is clearer and sharper than ever before, with higher resolution at minimum bandwidth, delivering more information to us than we can easily manage on our own. When we think of video surveillance, many of us envision the Hollywood trope of a uniformed guard in front of a group of monitors, too distracted to notice the bad guys sneaking past. Unfortunately, there is a grain of truth to that clich:

The Right Access Control System Provides you with the Power to Protect Your People and Property

By Ryan Temple
February 18, 2018 Category: Access Control

Whether you work for a small private business, a multinational corporation with several locations, a local high school, or a state-of-the-art hospital, security will always be a priority. Controlling access to your building, assets, and the individuals inside is one of the best ways to maintain security. A system should be robust and and flexible, scaling as your needs evolve.Avigilon access control solutionsare recognized as being some of the best systems available. Key Components for an Effective Access Control System An effective access control system has to accomplish three basic, yet extremely important, tasks. Identification:Identification of the individuals entering your building or into any sensitive areas within the building is integral to successful security. If your current security system cannot identify people entering the building, then it is definitely time for an upgrade. Once the individual entering your property has been identified, there must be some sort of authentication

3 Things to Consider When it Comes to Home Alarm Systems

By Ryan Temple
February 18, 2018 Category: General Security

What capabilities does your home alarm system have? If your provider is up to date with the latest technology, every home alarm system should provide various capabilities to make using the system painless. 1. Property Value With cars and other expensive items, home alarm security systems should be equipped with motion sensors in all windows of the house and in the garage. Motion detection sensors can be installed in any location and residents have the option to choose the way in which they receive a notification when there is movement, one being an automatic phone call to 911. 2. GPS Capabilities After driving away from the home and being miles away, residents often realize that they have forgotten to arm the alarm system. With GPS capabilities and advanced technology, a push notification will be sent to their smartphone when the resident is outside of a certain mile radius. The notification will ask if the user would like to set the home alarm system. Then, the resident can simply choose

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We provide security solutions for commercial and residential customers. Security solutions range from access control technology to fire alarm systems.

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