Nurse Call Systems

Technology Install Partners offers a wide range of nurse call and emergency communication solutions, designed to fit your facility’s specific needs and budget. We help you deliver superior patient care more efficiently.

Advanced Wireless Solutions

Our two-way supervised system ensures devices are always available to you, as they utilize 900MHz spread-spectrum technology. Batteries are inexpensive, but can last up to three years. You will also be instantly notified if they are running low.

Easy Integration for a Complete Safety and Security Solution

Building Access: By integrating with your building access system, your nurse call solution can be equipped to notify all staff of door entry or egress, popped, doors, open window, doorbells and more.

SmartPhone: By integrating your nurse call system with a smartphone, you can improve response times with the help of text and email notifications delivered to your phone.

Emergency Phone and ARA Integration: By tying directly into Area of Rescue Assistance and Outdoor Emergency Phone systems, your system can simultaneously alert police, security and staff nurses for rapid response. 

Enhanced Processes

Define your escalation protocol with ease. Outline what constitutes an escalation, create notification groups, type of escalation communication.  

Data that Drives Process Improvements

Continually refine your processes with detailed reports on issues that matter most to your facility, such as past events and delays.

The Right Equipment Offering to Meet the Needs of Your Facility

We have the equipment you need to upgrade or install a whole new nurse call system. Let us help you build a customized system that serves the needs of your staff and the patients.

  • Cisco, Ascom, Spectralink & Panasonic interface
  • Two-way radio, telephone, email, SMS text & smart phone interface
  • Networked consoles
  • Door/window/bed exit notification
  • Active or passive resident check-in status
  • Repeater/locators for campus coverage
  • Locator and elopement beacons
  • Rescue assistance stations
  • Corridor and zone lamps
  • Wandering patient management
  • Smoke/motion/glass breakage detection
  • Central station alarm monitoring interface
  • Location, egress, elopement & fall devices
  • Code blue stations
  • Wireless staff emergency stations
  • Custom sconce indicator lamps
  • Alpha-numeric pocket pagers
  • LED reader-boards

 Contact us today and we can help you create a nurse call system that enables you to deliver superior patient care...more efficiently.

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Technology Install Partners

Technology Install Partners & CSIG Holding Company Partner to Achieve Senior Resident Safety

As the senior living industry continues to evolve, the technology that goes along with it has to advance too.

Download this case study to learn more about our partnership with CSIG Holding Company and how we helped them implement technology and security into senior living facilities:

  • Door Access Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Wander Management Technology

Download Now!

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