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The Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 6 is Avigilon’s cutting-edge video surveillance management software.  ACC 6 has been shown to reduce investigation time and enables a faster response to any security issue.  Avigilon brings together their advanced search technology (Avigilon Appearance Search ™) and an intuitive interface to bring you the most sophisticated yet user-friendly experience available today.  

Painless Install. Seamless Integrations

Installation is simple.  Smart streaming and motion are already configured for optimum performance, reducing the need for a lengthy and labor-intensive installation and an external database is not required.  

Not only is ACC 6 a breeze to implement, but the Enterprise solution can scale in order to suit your individual needs.  The full-featured security solutions interact natively with the Access Control Manager (ACM) as well, providing you with a comprehensive security experience that is hard to beat. Whether your site requires one camera or a thousand, the installation is straightforward and painless for you and your team.

ACC 6 also  plays well with others; for those using 3rd Party VMS, there are no compatibility concerns.  The open solution allows 3rd party cameras and even 3rd party VMS.  

Powerful and Affordable Video Surveillance Management Options

To build an irrefutable case regarding an incident, one must often piece together a story that plays out over multiple cameras.  The Appearance Search feature and ability to track objects across multiple cameras means that everyone can do their job with the efficiency and efficacy required.  

Further, with ACC 6, you can more easily interact and manage high-definition security video. The high-definition stream management does not require difficult configuration or multicasting to keep your bandwidth low, although your new system will be able to handle up to 1300mbps incoming into a single server.  

For those on a budget, we also offer more cost-effective camera solutions in the 1-3MP range, even going so far as to offer high-quality cameras in the 1-3 MP without analytics.  (Embedded analytics are available in Avigilon cameras in the 1-16 MP varieties.)

Providing additional value, not only are there no client licensing fees involved, but there are also no recurring license fees for software updates and support. As always, free online training is provided for administrators and operators, ensuring the system is easy to support.

If you have any questions, or would like a free, no-obligations estimate or assessment of your needs, please call us at 888-586-7040 or email sales@technologyinstallpartners.com.

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