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Top 3 Considerations for Integrated Video Surveillance and Intrusion System Design

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Today, Commercial Video Surveillance Systems are able to be integrated with many devices making them user friendly and often very easy for an IT professional to manage. Still, there are several considerations that one should take prior to implementing a video surveillance & intrusion system design.

Below, we’ve outlined 3 of the top considerations:

1. Integration

Is the system you’re buying proprietary or does it offer an open architecture? You want to avoid buying a system that is proprietary. While one stop shopping can look very attractive on paper, they cost more upfront and have higher ongoing fees.

Another complication that can arise from proprietary system is the maintenance and equipment replacement contract that you can get locked into. Even if you’re not getting the maintenance service you need, you’re often stuck with your provider.

And lastly, due to the proprietary nature of the software, it might not support new devices that you intend on using down the road.

2. Open Architecture

Does the system you’re purchasing offer open architecture? Open architecture will make your life much easier because it affords you the ability to swap out products when desired. Two great products that we suggest for open architecture systems are Honeywell Vista or DMP.

3. Quality of the Contractor

There are numerous security contractors working within the alarm industry and video surveillance industry. When selecting your perfect contractor, you want to be sure to choose a contractor who has experience in both of these fields, as well as experience with wiring and programming multi-platform devices for maximum efficiency.

Your contractor should be able to fully integrate across multiple platforms and devices to ensure that you are getting the access you need and desire with your systems.

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