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The Right Access Control System Provides you with the Power to Protect Your People and Property

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Whether you work for a small private business, a multinational corporation with several locations, a local high school, or a state-of-the-art hospital, security will always be a priority. Controlling access to your building, assets, and the individuals inside is one of the best ways to maintain security. A system should be robust and and flexible, scaling as your needs evolve. Avigilon access control solutions are recognized as being some of the best systems available.

Key Components for an Effective Access Control System

An effective access control system has to accomplish three basic, yet extremely important, tasks.

  • Identification: Identification of the individuals entering your building or into any sensitive areas within the building is integral to successful security. If your current security system cannot identify people entering the building, then it is definitely time for an upgrade. Once the individual entering your property has been identified, there must be some sort of authentication process before they are granted access.
  • Authentication: Methods of authentication can range anywhere from fingerprints and smartcards to encryption keys and coded passwords.
  • Authorization: After this information has been provided, the individual in question passes into the third stage, which is authorization. Once building access has been granted to the individual (based on set criteria) they are now authorized to enter. It is only after all three requirements have been met that people may access your building. That way, you are assured that the people entering your building are not of danger to your people and property.


Access Control Systems: Proven Crime Deterrent

Not only can you use your access control solution to see who is coming and going from your building, but these systems also serve as an active deterrent for criminals. Having visible cameras in place has been proven to prevent arson, vandalism, and burglary.

An access control system is also key in identifying intruders so that you may take appropriate action. After all, intruders come in many forms and not all of those are malicious. It may be that a guest has gotten lost and found themselves inadvertently in a sensitive area, but it is also a possible that someone is intentionally trying to gain unauthorized access. With access control, you have access to real-time information that enables swift decision-making.

The Right Level of Security for Your Business

Access control should be maintained in different ways, depending on the needs of your company. For example, different security protocols are necessary for a hospital than for an office building or apartment complex; your systems integrator should be well versed in how to adapt the system for your unique requirements.

In some cases, you must control the number of people entering a dangerous area. In some factories and warehouses, industrial accidents can be prevented simply through controlled access to hazardous areas, or during certain times of the day. By setting appropriate protocols for people accessing the building or specific areas, you can provide a more secure environment for everyone in or around your facilities.

Advanced Access Control Solutions that Further Streamline Your Security Operations

As access control technology continues to evolve, there is a variety of solutions to that will serve the needs of your usiness.

  • “One card” solutions: Allow door access control via card authentication systems. Guests can be easily accommodated, as our system allows cards or badges to be issued on-the-spot with a credential card printer, granting them access only to appropriate areas.
  • Biometric access control systems: Biometric systems, which utilize fingerprint recognition technology, can be integrated with your existing system.
  • Gate access solutions: State-of-the-art gate access systems monitor vehicles coming in and out of your facility. Solutions range from traditional chain-link gates to vehicle barrier operators for controlled pedestrian and vehicle access.

If you are interested in learning more about Avigilon access control solutions and Technology Install Partners’ customized solutions, please read more here, call us at 888-586-7040 or fill out out contact us form. We’d be happy to sit down with you for a free, no-obligation consultation. We can adapt, upgrade, or replace your current system entirely, finding a solution that meets your organization’s specific requirements.



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