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Siemens Fire and BDA Systems

When we were looking for a manufacturer and supplier for our fire alarm systems, we chose Siemens after doing extensive research in the market. Siemens is a world-class provider of many different types of equipment, especially fire alarm systems. Their equipment is very flexible and intuitive, allowing us to program the equipment to best suit the need of our customers. 

Siemens X-Series Devices

The X-Series devices from Siemens are the industry leader for fire safety and BDA Emergency Responder Radio System (ERRS). These devices offer a lot of redundancy and built-in protection in the system, which offers greater protection for our customers. 

Having a BDA system as part of a fire safety system is extremely convenient for our customers as well!

Not only does Siemens offer competitive pricing with their products, but they are great for both new constructions and upgrades to current systems.

Certified Technicians 

When installing any safety or security system, you want to make sure you have installers who know what they're doing; this is why all of our technicians attended classes regularly where they can improve their skills with the technology. Our technicians are also certified and licensed by the state, either Ohio, Indiana, or Michigan. 

Learn More About Fire and BDA Safety Systems

If you are looking to improve your fire safety system in your building or if you are in need of an installation for your new construction, Technology Install Partners offers the best when it comes to products and service! Contact us today to learn more or to get started!

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