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Security Needs of Property Managers

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Security managers of residential or commercial buildings that hold numerous individual units, such as apartments, office suites or senior care facilities, can be faced with a barrage of security problems. On any given day, there may be numerous lock-outs, security breaches and/or unauthorized entries.

Lock Replacement

Securing a building with multiple tenants is a challenging and ongoing process. With mechanical locks, each time a tenant vacates a unit, the security manager or other company representative is faced with collecting keys and/or replacing the entry locks. Additionally, employees who leave on less-than-favorable terms may constitute a need for additional lock and/or key changes in order to keep properties safe. In a large complex, lock replacement can be an ongoing and expensive procedure.

Electronic Security Access Systems: Reduce Costs, Save Time

To eliminate the significant cost of mechanical lock and key replacement, changing to an electronic key access is a great solution. The changeover may initially seem more costly, but the ongoing benefits actually pay for an electronic system in a very short amount of time.

Invariably, usually at the least opportune time, property managers receive calls from tenants who have locked themselves out. With a traditional lock and key system, someone would be required to show up at the unit to open the door for the tenant.

With an electronic access control system, the manager is able to verify the tenant’s identity and unlock the door from a remote location. Immediate response to a lock-out is better for the tenant and far better for the manager.

Remote Access for Senior Care Facilities

Personal security is a top priority for any level of senior care facility. Keeping unauthorized individuals out and monitoring the movements of the residents is more easily managed with electronic access control. Access can be controlled from a single location, ensuring that unauthorized individuals are not permitted entry.

Electronic systems also monitor the entry and exit of employees and other authorized individuals. The system collects and retains this data which can be used to track any unauthorized activity. Strategically placed cameras can be added to the system to further enhance security and safety.

With the ability to monitor door openings and closings, senior resident movements can be readily tracked to prevent them wandering from the building without an escort. This capability can be a life-saving feature and eliminate unnecessary stress on the part of the family and staff.

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