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Live Video Monitoring

Proactively Protect Your Property with Live Video Monitoring 

A common concern people have with their video surveillance is not being able to catch the person who entered their premises because they see their notification too late, or the person was hiding their identity behind a mask. Live video monitoring as part of your video surveillance is the solution! 

When you are protecting your business, home, or city, your security system is mostly used as a deterrent. With the presence of cameras, most intruders will not both, but not all. When someone triggers your security system, and you're not around to respond, live video monitoring can help protect your property.

How Does Live Video Monitoring Work?

24/7 Live Monitoring Center

We use cameras that have video analytics – if something triggers the alert system, it sends you a message, but it also communicates to the monitoring center. The staff at the monitoring center can assess the situation to see if law enforcement needs to be called- if so, they will. 

Talk Down Feature 

There is also a talk down feature which allows the monitoring center agents to speak through the camera to alert the person that they are trespassing. 

Learn More About Live Video Monitoring 

If you want to be proactive in your security measures, contact us at Technology Install Partners today. 

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