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CHAMPS Group Purchasing Organization Sees the Value Technology Install Partners Brings to it's Own Parent Organization

Technology Install Partners

CHAMPS Group Purchasing contracts with a variety of vendors across an array of industries to ensure their 13,000+ member locations across the U.S. receive the best pricing from superior companies. Based on its economical pricing, breadth of services and positive reputation, CHAMPS selected Technology Install Partners, a security and life-safety system provider, for its portfolio of contracted vendors.

So of course when CHAMPS GPO’s non-profit parent organization, The Center for Health Affairs, needed to update its security, access control and fire alarm systems, they chose to look at one of their own contracted vendors. And, not to their surprise, during their search, they found Technology Install Partners’ security and safety system to be the best fit based on their breadth of services and CHAMPS’ negotiated pricing.

“We took a phased approach beginning with our security and access control systems,” explained Chris Nortz, director of facilities, The Center for Health Affairs. “Our sales representative took the time during our consultation to work with us on a detailed plan that addressed design, installation and testing, as well as certification, maintenance and repair. The entire process went very smoothly and the technicians were awesome! Everything is still working perfectly, a year later.”

Technology Install Partners provided The Center for Health Affairs with several customized solutions to meet their needs, including:

  • Card Access System – Provided Customized Solutions - With more than 100 employees in their building and some needing 24/7 access, The Center for Health Affairs required more than just an out-of-the-box solution. In addition to the standard perimeter doors and glass break system, they also needed eight interior doors as well as required card access for staff entering and exiting the building. “It was reassuring to have Technology Install Partners understand our unique needs and provide tailored solutions to meet them,” said Nortz.
  • Remote Security Feature – Provided Convenient Monitoring Feature - The Center for Health Affairs’ security system includes perimeter motion, cameras with door views. Several cameras were added in order to monitor the entire building more closely. “Remote monitoring is my favorite feature,” said Nortz. “Having the ability to monitor everything through my phone is so convenient. If the alarm goes off and the monitoring station contacts me, I can look on my phone and tell them everything is fine. Our old, home-grown system definitely did not have this capability.”
  • Fire Alarm Technology – Upgraded to Meet Latest Fire Safety Requirements - The Center for Health Affairs’ old fire alarm system was original to the building with limited bells, smokes and pulls. “We knew it was critical to bring it up to 2017 standards, so we added strobes in meeting rooms and restrooms, as well as additional smokes,” explained Nortz. “The  building is now completely prepared in the event of a fire emergency.” 
  • Service – Ensured Safety by Offering Expert, Responsive Service - Technology Install Partners differentiates itself from other security integrations by providing excellent service, a rarity across all industries these days. “The service has been great, very responsive,” said Nortz. “We wanted to add another access door and they were able to get someone out to install it in less than a week. The monitoring station has always been very professional when calling. They identify themselves, ask for my password and follow up. I’ve been very pleased with the service.”

Nortz sums up the importance of what he has been able to accomplish for The Center for Health Affairs through Technology Install Partners’ contract with CHAMPS Group Purchasing.

“What we’re doing isn’t glamorous - in fact, most of our people don’t even think about it,” said Nortz. “It’s just so reassuring that anyone entering our building will be safe in the event of an emergency. After all, our people come first, the building is second.”

About Technology Install Partners

Technology  Install  Partners  was  established  in  2008, the company evolved into a full  installation  partner, offering additional  services  at  the request of its customers. Its core offering includes video surveillance, access control, fire/security alarms, fiber, nurse call and structured cabling. Carrying over 50 manufacturer’s product lines, Technology Install Partners offers a variety of commercial-grade equipment to meet client’s individual requirements.

Technology Install Partners is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was awarded its first GSA Contract # GS 1007F 100346V in 2009. Technology  Install  Partners  is  the  only  GSA  Low Voltage/Life Safety/Security Installation  Contractor  in  Northeast  Ohio and  one of only 19,000 companies to hold a GSA Contract in the country.

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Technology Install Partners

We provide security solutions for commercial and residential customers. Security solutions range from access control technology to fire alarm systems.

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