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Cellular Signal Boosting Systems

What is a Cellular Signal Boosting System?

A cellular signal boosting system, also called distributed antenna system (DAS), is a way to improve your cell reception inside of a building. 

Why are Cellular Signal Boosting Systems Important?

Nowadays, 80% of mobile usage is indoors whereas ten years ago, it wasn't even half of that number! Having a cellular signal boost is a way to ensure your employees, clients, and guests in your building will have a reliable connection. 

Green and Smart Building Design 

All of these newer environmentally friendly building designs are not cellular-friendly. 

  • Metallic structures and high-efficiency windows block over 90% of cellular signals
  • Sharp corners and large spaces create dead spots
  • Concrete walls are hard for signals to penetrate
  • High rise and high-density urban areas generate massive cellular interference 
  • Interference from electronic equipment

Cellular Coverage for First Responders 

Reliable cellular coverage is also very important when it comes to emergency situations. If an incident arises where someone would need to call first responders, they need a good signal to do so. 

Likewise, once the first responders arrive and enter the building, they need to have reliable signals to communicate with their team. 

There is a 2020 mandate that requires some buildings to have increased signals to stay up to code. 

Cellular Signal Boosting is a Huge Value to Your Business

  • Consistent cellular usage by businesses and customers
  • Using wireless to improve workplace productivity and collaboration 
  • Ability to make calls anywhere in buildings
  • Security requirements beyond what Wi-Fi can provide
  • Ability to enable 5G and the benefits it promises

Learn More About Cellular Signal Boosting Systems

If you are interested in learning more about Technology Install Partners and how we can help you boost your cellular signal, contact us today!

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