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City-Wide Video Surveillance Installation

By Technology Install Partners
June 16, 2020 Category: Video Surveillance

City-wide video surveillance is an increasingly popular safety and security system that many municipalities are beginning to use. With Technology Install Partners, we make it easy to get started.

The Integration of Avigilon Video Surveillance

By Technology Install Partners
May 13, 2020 Category: Access Control, Video Surveillance

Technology Install Partners provides a wide variety of options when it comes to premium security and life safety systems for any industry. One of the best systems that we offer in the Avigilon video surveillance security system.

Appearance Search for Video Surveillance Security

By Technology Install Partners
May 06, 2020 Category: Video Surveillance

Avigilon offers so many great features that are time-saving, cost-effective, and really easy to use. This video surveillance platform has seamless security updates and is a browser-based platform that both offer huge benefits to the users. but the biggest advantage of Avigilon is its appearance search options.

Security Camera and Video Surveillance Platform

By Technology install Partners
April 30, 2020 Category: Video Surveillance

Technology Install Partners is your go-to security system installer. We offer a wide variety of solutions to help protect homeowners and businesses improve their security through audio and video surveillance, and so much more.

Advanced Video Surveillance Technology - Keeping Us Safe in an Uncertain World

By Ryan Temple
March 04, 2018 Category: Video Surveillance

You only have to turn on the news to realize that we live in challenging times. Technology has never been more advanced, but the world we live in has also become more dangerous. The good news is that new technology is stepping up, offering innovations that make our environments safer and more secure. Advances in fields like video analytics have enabled us to optimize the security of our homes and businesses, even if were across the globe. Smart Systems that Overcome Human Limitations The first step in protecting your interests is knowing what solutions are available. Todays video surveillance is clearer and sharper than ever before, with higher resolution at minimum bandwidth, delivering more information to us than we can easily manage on our own. When we think of video surveillance, many of us envision the Hollywood trope of a uniformed guard in front of a group of monitors, too distracted to notice the bad guys sneaking past. Unfortunately, there is a grain of truth to that clich:

Top 3 Considerations for Integrated Video Surveillance and Intrusion System Design

By Ryan Temple
February 17, 2018 Category: Video Surveillance

Today, Commercial Video Surveillance Systems are able to be integrated with many devices making them user friendly and often very easy for an IT professional to manage. Still, there are several considerations that one should take prior to implementing a video surveillance intrusion system design. Below, weve outlined 3 of the top considerations: 1. Integration Is the system youre buying proprietary or does it offer an open architecture? You want to avoid buying a system that is proprietary. While one stop shopping can look very attractive on paper, they cost more upfront and have higher ongoing fees. Another complication that can arise from proprietary system is the maintenance and equipment replacement contract that you can get locked into. Even if youre not getting the maintenance service you need, youre often stuck with your provider. And lastly, due to the proprietary nature of the software, it might not support new devices that you intend on using down the road. 2. Open Architecture Does

How to Facilitate a Large Deployment of IP Surveillance Cameras

By Ryan Temple
February 17, 2018 Category: Video Surveillance

How do you manage 100, 500, or even 1,000 IP video surveillance cameras? By planning and partnering with the right technology vendorWhen implementing a large scale of IP surveillance cameras it is key that the technology is appropriately connected, operated and strategically placed. Doing so is an integral part of setting your company up for long-term success in monitoring the daily activity of its facilities. However, when partnering with a vendor inadequately suited for the job, you open your business up to risk of blind surveillance spots, inadequate coverage and malfunctioning connections. Simply put, youll want to do your homework ahead of time to ensure that you embark on this process with a trusted security technology vendor. Below, we outline five key questions to ask yourself and your vendor to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success in managing a large deployment of IP cameras: 1. Is Product Integration Important to Your Surveillance Needs? An IP video surveillance

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We provide security solutions for commercial and residential customers. Security solutions range from access control technology to fire alarm systems.

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