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3 Top Security Technology Trends of 2015

2015 has been a revolutionary year as far as security is concerned, with some exciting breakthroughs all across the industry. From Apple’s HomeKit introduced with the iOS 8 to Samsung’s SmartThings, we are seeing innovative technologies that have truly changed how we address security at home, in the office, and everywhere else. And, it’s all so welcome! So, which were the year’s top security trends?

1. Trends in Residential Alarms & Intrusion Detection Systems More home security companies are grabbing the opportunity to ride on the coattails of cable and telephone companies, resulting in clearer video images and plenty of other opportunities.

Costs have also come down significantly. Today, a motion detector with a camera isn’t much more expensive than one without a camera. In fact, it is predicted that over the next few years, costs for the two will probably be the same. Apps and remote control also became key security features in 2015.

However, one thing that makes 2015 completely different is what people are doing with information collected using the apps, video surveillance data, and so on. By analyzing this information and using it to design residential security systems that automatically turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and alert homeowners that there is an intrusion, providers have made security an attractive option for a lot more consumers.

2. Commercial Video Surveillance Breaking New Grounds Vector USA has identified three key trends in commercial video surveillance that revolutionized 2015. The first one is the 4K resolution decision. Recently, marketers and consumers of HD video have been trading their outdated HD equipment for the latest 4K Ultra HD (UHD) technology. 4K technology boasts 4 times the resolution of the current HD, with better clarity and unmatched color richness.

The second trend is “video in the cloud.” As more consumers move to cloud-based services, accessing data, photos, and music among others from iCloud, Amazon CloudDrive, and Microsoft OneDrive, commercial security companies are also determined to offer their video footage and other selected services on cloud. It is both cheaper and more convenient.

The last one is video analytics. Erickson defines video analytics as critically examining video data to “identify exactly what customers are looking for and to improve customer service.” While video analytics has been overhyped for the past 20 years, 2015 is the year when security companies finally showed serious interest in it.

3. Healthcare Technology Evolving Healthcare technology is always changing. As quality of care becomes even more critical to profitability, hospitals will want to keep on top of recent trends and incorporate them in everyday practice. Some eye-catching healthcare trends for 2015 included are:

  • Connected medical services – Start-up companies are investing millions of dollars in insulin pumps and pacemakers that are designed to pick up signals and automatically transmit them to computers over a network. This allows patients to monitor their health in real-time.
  • On call doctors via telehealth – Telehealth is an innovative technology that is quickly replacing housecall care. With doctors able to diagnose patients and even recommend drugs and other forms of medication remotely, telehealth is breaking new grounds. Soon, this technology could replace visits to the ED for certain urgent illnesses.

As security technology improves, more healthcare data will be made available on cloud so that both patients and care providers can easily access the information they need on their tablets and smartphones.

With the year drawing to a close, we can only hope that 2016 has even more surprises for us. In any case, we all dream of a completely secure world driven by technology, don’t we?

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Technology  Install  Partners was established in 2008, the company evolved into a full installation partner, offering additional services at the request of its customers. Its core offering includes video surveillance, access control, fire/security alarms, fiber, nurse call, and structured cabling. Carrying over 50 manufacturer’s product lines, Technology Install Partners offers a variety of commercial-grade equipment to meet the client’s individual requirements.

Technology Install Partners is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was awarded its first GSA Contract # GS 1007F 100346V in 2009. Technology  Install  Partners is the only  GSA  Low Voltage/Life Safety/Security Installation  Contractor in  Northeast  Ohio and one of only 19,000 companies to hold a GSA Contract in the country.

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