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3 Things to Consider When it Comes to Home Alarm Systems

What capabilities does your home alarm system have? If your provider is up to date with the latest technology, every home alarm system should provide various capabilities to make using the system painless.

1. Property Value With cars and other expensive items, home alarm security systems should be equipped with motion sensors in all windows of the house and in the garage. Motion detection sensors can be installed in any location and residents have the option to choose the way in which they receive a notification when there is movement, one being an automatic phone call to 911.

2. GPS Capabilities After driving away from the home and being miles away, residents often realize that they have forgotten to arm the alarm system. With GPS capabilities and advanced technology, a push notification will be sent to their smartphone when the resident is outside of a certain mile radius. The notification will ask if the user would like to set the home alarm system. Then, the resident can simply choose yes or no.

3. Cellular Communicator Did you know that most alarm systems are connected through existing phone lines? When someone comes and cuts it, the entire alarm system becomes worthless. Even if a residence does not have a landline, they probably have Internet. The Internet line can be cut through in the same way as the landline. A cellular card costs a little bit extra per month, but the technology responds faster and is more efficient for a working home alarm system.

Not only should every home alarm system be up to date with the latest technological capabilities, but the technology should be easy to use by the residents. Protecting property, using GPS settings, and choosing a cellular communicator are just three of the many items to consider for every home alarm system.

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