Cutting Edge Video Security and Surveillance

minidome security cameraTechnology Install Partners provides the most advanced and cost effective solutions for video security and video surveillance. Our systems are high resolution eyes capable of being places you are not – to help reduce theft, increase personal safety, monitor human resources, decrease liability, help with quality control, track progress and save you time, just like we did for the clients below.

We Provide Services For

Personal Safety

High resolution real-time video provides a safer environment for everyone.  The employer, the employee and the community benefit greatly when standards are raised by the presence of a video security solution.

Theft Deterrence and Recoveryaxisptz dome network camera

Dramatically reduce theft from both inside and outside your organization, vastly increase the chances of recovery and prosecution and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your property is covered.

Liability Reduction

Protect your organization against false injury accusations, false workers comp claims and false employee misconduct allegations.  Video surveillance helps ease injury investigations to find the root cause which is often left unknown.  Coupled with our hidden audio surveillance, we can provide the most comprehensive electronic system for reducing these types of liabilities.  Reduction in liability often provides the greatest return on investment since these types of incidents often are the most costly to organizations.

Quality Control

Easily monitor processes from the production line all the way to the truck or monitor customer service to ensure successful customer relationships.  By monitoring the manufacturing process, companies can quickly track production problems, invalidate warranty or product damage claims, detect incorrect handling methods and use the video to engineer improved processes.

Increased Productivity

Video surveillance is a crucial tool for managers to detect unproductive labor, deter clock theft and hold employees accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

Audio Surveillanceaudio surveillance

Most digital recoding platforms support audio recoding alongside video recording for a more complete solution. Technology Install partners has experience in utilizing visible or hidden microphones to capture crucial audio needed for identifying problems with customer service and employee misconduct.

LPR (License Plate Recognition) Systems

Law Enforcement • Parking Management Access Controllicense plate recognition systems Technology Install Partners distributes and installs a variety of fixed and mobile LPR systems designed to meet your specific requirements. These systems are designed to help monitor and log vehicle entry and exit on private property, aid law enforcement in detecting wanted or suspected criminals, automate vehicle access control or help enforce parking violations.

 Advanced Video Analytics

Video analytics systems use advanced algorithms to detect events of interest in order to alert security or management to an event happening in real time or to log data based on set events. There are dozens or basic event detection types along with customizable event types available to help detect a more specific event.

  • Enter or Exit – detect entry or egress at any specific point
  • Dwell – detect a person or object in a place in which they or it do not belong
  • Direction – Determine the direction a person or object is moving
  • Missing Object – track a specific object to be notified if that object is taken
  • Foreign Object – an alert is given if any object is placed where is should not be
  • Camera Occlusion – tracks if a camera view becomes blocked
  • Counting – Count the number of people or vehicles enter or exit past a particular point
  • Occupancy Detection – Determine if a human is in a given space
  • Perimeter Detection – Determine if a person or object crosses a defined boundary
  • Speed Monitoring – Calculates the speed at which a person or object is moving, alarms if speed is above or below a set threshold
  • Loitering Detection – A person remains in a defined area beyond a predefined amount of time
  • Queue Length Monitoring – A line of people or vehicles extends longer than a set parameter

Mobile/Vehicledashboard surveillance camera

Technology Install Partners provides camera and digital recording solutions specifically designed for public transportation such as buses, subways and passenger trains, school transportation, police cars, government vehicles, and private transportation systems.  Our cost effective solutions can help aid in fleet monitoring providing supervisors with critical data regarding driving patterns and valuable evidence in the case of an accident.

Constructionconstruction site surveillance camera

Advanced vandal resistant cameras and recording solutions for monitoring safety and progress while acquiring data on construction sites.  Easily capture instant images for engineering or archiving, monitor contractors and vendors, reduce theft and encourage worker safety compliance.  Technology Install Partner offers a wide range of mobile power and mobile data solutions specifically designed to work on various construction sites.

Time Lapse Systems

High definition turnkey solution for a variety of time-lapse applications, including construction, weather, tourism and scientific.

Wireless Video Surveillanceair grid wireless antennae

Secure• Low Latency High Bandwidth MESH Point-to-Multipoint Wireless video security is a great option for difficult to reach places and a great alternative to fiber where only a limited number of surveillance cameras are required.  Technology Install Partners has deployed hundreds of installations involving wireless technologies including projects for the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Horseshoe Casino and Ridge Tool.


Technology offers many wireless options for differing scenarios with throughput speeds up to 300MBPS, latency as low as 1 millisecond and encryption up to 256bit.

Solar and Battery Powered Systems

solar security pole

Technology Install Partners provides a variety of solar power options for remote video installations to power a variety of devices including cameras, wireless bridges, network video recorders, time lapse systems and mobile/cellular routers. Solar power enables devices to be placed in previously impossible locations and is often more cost effective that adding metered power to remote locations.

Night & Low Light Surveillance

Advanced Low-Light and Night Vision Cameras and Infrared (IR) Illuminators for enhanced low light requirements.  With the right combination of low-light ultra-low lux sensitive cameras and additional ambient lighting or IR Illuminators, night images can be captured clear and crisp to help identify people or objects in the dark.

Covert Video Surveillance

Technology Install Partners offers a variety of solutions for covert video capture. From form factors such as clocks to shirt buttons there are hundreds of options for covert video cameras and video recorders.

Integrationsecurity system software integration

Seamless integration options for Access Control and Building Security Systems for smooth and easy operations.  Technology integration make for quicker event access and easier system operation.

Home Video Surveillance

With our DMP Home Security technology we install home alarm systems that include video surveillance capabilities. The wireless technology allows residents to view a live video stream remotely via their tablets, computers, or smartphones. Learn more about our home alarm systems.