Nurse-Call Systems for Hospitals, Independent and Assisted Living Facilities


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Technology Install Partners provides a variety of nurse call and emergency communication solutions for health care facilities.  We offer both wired and wireless solutions to facilitate your requirements.  We offer numerous solutions to meet both your requirements and your budget.

Wireless Solutionswireless nurse call

We offer reliable wireless systems for easy installation and integration.  Our wireless systems are two-way supervised and self-testing systems using 900MHz spread-spectrum technology.  The supervised system insured that devices are always available and you will be instantly notified if a battery is running low.  Our wireless devices use lithium-ion batteries that can last up to three years!  Batteries are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Building Access Integration

We can integrate your solution into your building access system.  Staff can be notified of door entry or egress, door bells, propped doors and open windows all through the nurse call notification system.

Smart Phone Integrationwireless nurse call system

We offer solutions that can integrate with staff smart phones for better communications and more comprehensive alert information.  We offer text and email notification and some systems even have their own smart phone apps.


Our nurse call systems offer flexible and customizable escalation administration.  You can define an escalation even and define escalation notification groups and types of escalation communication.

Customizationmedical alert systems

We can customize your nurse call system to meet specific requirements of your facility.  Systems can be integrated in many different ways to provide you a solution that can better care for your tenants or patients.

Statistical Reporting

Get reports on past events, daily event reports and delay reports so you can better manage your care.

Emergency Phone & ARA Integration

Nurse call systems can be integrated into Area of Rescue Assistance Systems and Outdoor Emergency Phone Systems.  The systems can serve dual purposes; altering police and or security and staff nurses simultaneously for better response.

Equipment Options

  • Location, egress, elopement & fall devices
  • Code blue stations
  • Wireless staff emergency stations
  • Rescue Assistance Stationsemergency call system
  • Corridor and Zone Lamps
  • Custom sconce indicator lamps
  • Alpha-numeric pocket pagers
  • LED reader-boards
  • Central station alarm monitoring interface
  • Telephone and cellular phone interface
  • Cisco, Ascom, Spectralink  & Panasonic interface
  • Two-way radio, email, SMS Text & Smart Phone interface
  • Networked Consoles
  • Door/Window/Bed exit notificationhospital nurse call systems
  • Wandering patient management
  • Smoke/motion/glass breakage detection
  • Active or passive resident check-in status
  • Repeater/Locators for campus coverage
  • Locator and Elopement beacons

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