Intrusion Detection Systems for Businesses, Worksites, and More

honeywell security monitoring systemLet Technology Install Partners integrate an intrusion system with your business security platform to help deter and detect intrusion. We offer a variety of systems with many options to suit your business’s needs.

We Provide Services For


Intrusion detection systems can be integrated into your access control system to add greater control and tighter security.

Bundled Savings

We offer significant discounts on monthly monitoring fees when you combine monitoring and  managed services.

Quality Equipment

We use premium quality equipment in order to reduce failures and false alarms.  Other alarm companies rely on cheap equipment in order to reduce capital finance costs but charge the customer a higher monthly premium in order to supplement the lower install costs.  We charge you for the equipment we install but offer much lower monthly monitoring costs.  The math is in the favor of the customer: Overall lower total-cost-of-ownership and high quality equipment that does its job.

Network and Cellular Monitoring

No more dedicated phone lines!  Our alarm panels can be monitored via your existing internet connection and/or via cellular network.  If you have a system with a dedicated phone line call us today so we can get you get started using a modern system and start saving you money today!

Advanced Wireless Technology

We have both wired and wireless systems available.  Today’s modern wireless systems have batteries that can last up to three years, has two-way supervised wireless technology and use advanced 900MHz spread-spectrum technology to reduce wireless noise and increase reliability.

Mobile Smart Phone Integration