Integrated Audio and Video Intercom Security Systems

minidome security cameraTechnology Install Partners offers a variety of intercom systems to suit your business’s needs. We install and service intercom systems from over 30 different manufacturers.

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Integrated Door Phone Systems

Integrated door phone systems can ease visitor access while keeping your building more secure.  Integrated intercom systems can be programmed to release the door from the intercom base station or from a telephone touch tone.  Intercom systems can also be setup on your phone system’s hunt group so that you never miss a visitor.

Phone System Integrationdoor phone intercom

We can integrate your intercom systems to work seamlessly with both traditional PTSN, Digital and VoIP phone systems.  Integration is simple and adds a new layer of functionality including hunt groups, forwarding and mobile integration.

Access Control Integration

Door intercom systems can be integrated with your new or existing electronic lock or strike hardware to release the door in the same way your access control system would.  Intercom systems can be connected directly to the access panels to generate a request-for-entry event so that you can track entry in your access control software just as you would reader events.

Apartment Entry Systemsapartment entry systems

Technology Install Partners offers a variety of wired and wireless apartment entry systems.  Our apartment entry systems can also integrate with your electronic access control systems.  We also have video entry systems so that the tenant can verify their guest to create a more secure building environment.  Apartment entry systems can be remotely programmed from the management office or even offsite via the internet for easy tenant changes.

Wireless Intercoms

WiFi intercom systems are a great alternative to traditional wired intercoms where the wired infrastructure cost exceeds budget or is simply impractical due to building size.

Gate Intercomsgate intercom system

We can integrate gate intercoms for building gate access or integrate them for multi-tenant and guest access.  We offer a variety of systems that can be connected wireless or even over cellular network for remote gate locations.

Cellular Intercom Systems

Cellular systems are a great alternative for gates and doors that are remote and cannot be hard wired or are within range of a wifi access point.  With cellular systems you can allow entry from anywhere in the world including from your mobile phone.