Building and Campus Emergency Communication Systems


We Provide Services For

Unified Mass Notification Systems

Technology Install Partners offers mass notification systems for buildings and campuses.  From emergency paging integration to emergency voice and visual notifications for emergencies.  We offer both wired and wireless systems to suit your building or campus requirements.

Telephone System Integration

Your emergency notification system can be integrated into your telephone system to allow telephone notification as well as allowing key staff to generate emergency calls.  Integration facilitates early warnings and therefor quicker response.area of rescue assistance

ARA Area of Rescue Assistance

Technology Install Partners offers ARA systems for Campuses, Healthcare faculties, Manufacturing Facilities, Office Buildings and Apartment Buildings.  We can integrate the ARA system with other building communication systems for better communication.

Emergency Campus Phonesblue light emergency phones

Emergency campus phones can be set up as independent call station to call security or police or can be integrated into your emergency communication system.

Unified Communication

Your emergency communication system can be configured not only to make PA voice announcements but also simultaneously make visual announcements on LED displays, send SMS text messages, send mass emails, make phone calls and trigger emergency instructions to display on your digital signage system.