Commercial Fire Alarm

Commercial Fire AlarmsFire disaster destroys or damages about 10% of businesses every year. Even the most successful and well-managed businesses can lose profitability, inventory, buildings, vehicles, records and customer orders due to a building fire.

Protect your people and your property. From design and installation to testing and maintenance, the experienced team members of Technology Install Partners are licensed by the state of Ohio and will ensure your facilities comply with all fire code requirements.

Product Features

We work with Honeywell and DMP products for the installation of commercial fire alarm systems.

Custom Designed Technology

We custom design each commercial fire alarm system to fit the individual needs of the company.

Alarm System Sounds

The DMP Wireless 1164 smoke detectors include synchronized sounders so when one sounds, so do the rest of them at the same time. Multiple sounders, horns and strobes alert employees and customers to the fire.

Alarm Monitoring

Through a control panel, a monitoring station maintains electronic communication with the detection sensors and manual stations so that the fire department is notified when there is an alarm.


We work to provide companies throughout the United States with commercial fire alarm systems and other similar high-tech technology services.

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